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Singularities in mechanics :
formation, propagation, and microscopic description.

Next event: Spring School on Singularities March 10-21st 2008

Second week: third workshop on singularities (program)


The first thematic program of 2008 at the Institut Henri Poincaré (located in the heart of Paris) will be devoted to the study of “singularities” in mechanics, which are all phenomena involving strong focusing or rapid oscillations, leading to some non-smooth behaviour in some continuum description.

The main objective of this program is to further exchanges between the various communities involved in the study of singularities (mathematics, physics, mechanics in particular). Special attention will be focused on PhD students and young researchers.

The trimester will consists in three workshops

"Formation and structure of singularities" January 21-25 2008.

"Interactions and propagation of singularities" February 18-22 2008.

"Microscopic description of singularities" March 17-21 2008.

two schools:

Winter School: Fracture and Damage organised by the ANR MICA, January 30-February 1st 2008.

Spring School on Singularities: March 10-21 2008.

and five lectures. Moreover, the participants of this trimester will interact at the Institut Henri Poincaré through various seminars and scientific activities.

Organizers: Jens Eggers (Bristol), Christophe Josserand (Paris) and Laure Saint-Raymond (Paris).

Program organized by the Centre Emile Borel
Institut Henri Poincaré, January 7th - April 4th, 2008.