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Singularities in mechanics :
formation, propagation, and microscopic description.

Spring school of the CNRS

The thematic school is a form of in-house training. It is one of the tools proposed by the CNRS to develop interdisciplinarity.

   Preliminary program

Pedagogical conditions
The school will be organized around two long courses during the first week:

Modeling of fractures in a solid
Modeling of interfaces and hydrodynamic instabilities

a series of lectures allowing to get an overview of the techniques used to study singularities and to give the participants a common background. The second week will be devoted to the third workshop where particular attention will be drawn on didactical presentations:

Microscopic description of singularities

with informal work sessions facilitating the development of new interdisciplinary collaborations. 

Registration to the school will be done through this third workshop.

Program organized by the Centre Emile Borel
Institut Henri Poincaré, January 7th - April 4th, 2008.