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Singularities in mechanics :
formation, propagation, and microscopic description.

Overview : program

Seminars, lectures and open sessions will be organized during the trimester, with specific focus on thursday afternoons (2pm-4pm).

General Prgramm

January 21-25th: First Workshop on "Formation and structure of singularities"

January 30-31st: "Fractures SchoolFractures School"

February 4-8th: Lectures "Capillary drops and contact angle problems" by A. Mellet and D. Bonn 

February 11-15th: Lectures "Vortex dynamics in an incompressible fluid" 

February 18-22nd: Second Workshop on "Interactions and propagation of singularities"

March 10-21st: Spring School on Singularities

March 17-21st: Third workshop  "Microscopic description of singularities"

Program organized by the Centre Emile Borel
Institut Henri Poincaré, January 7th - April 4th, 2008.