Droplets and bubbles animation and image gallery - historical (legacy) simulations

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Atomization simulations

Two-dimensional atomizing jets, one liquid jet

Diesel fuel jet with laminar inflow conditions. These movies were produced by Anthony Leboissetier with  the 2D SURFER code.

Diesel fuel jet with turbulent inflow conditions With turbulent inlet conditions, the jet atomizes rapidly, indicating that the instability is a noise amplifier. A rather small level of noise is sufficient to trigger the instability, and it is even likely that recirculating vortices could also trigger instability.

Dual-jet liquid-gas jet case with high resolution and turbulent inflow conditions, vorticity map.

Three-dimensional two-phase Kelvin-Helmholtz instability, periodic boundary conditions

Sheared two-phase layer produced by Jie Li. This movie was produced with  the 3D  SURFER code : this type of instability is typical of the atomization process we study.

Droplet impact and jet breakup

Three-dimensional simulations

Droplet falling on a liquid layer. This movie and the following one were coproduced with  the 3D  SURFER code and the  CRS4 research center.

   Pinching of a liquid tube (the Rayleigh jet instability).