Lattice Gas Cellular Automata


Rothman, D. H. and S. Zaleski 1997, Lattice Gas Cellular Automata, Cambridge University Press, collection Aléa-Saclay. Link to the Cambridge catalog (From where you can download the introductory Chapter 1 of the book).

Review article

Rothman D. and Zaleski S. 1994: Lattice-gas models of phase separation: interfaces, phase transitions and multiphase flow, Rev Mod. Phys. 66, 1417-1480.


The (very old) "Lattice Gas Cellular Automata Package" puts together codes written by S. Zaleski, D. H. Rothman and their groups.  It may be downloaded from here:

Lgapack gzipped tar file

Please note that a number of bugs were found in the Fhp7_msite section.  A patch written by John Lapeyre has been included in this file:  Fhp7_msite-0.98p1.tar.gz


The writing of the codes benefited from many inputs from collaborators and students.
In addition, the Fhp7_msite code borrows from the boolean collision
algorithm published in:

Dominique d'Humières and Pierre Lallemand:
Numerical Simulations of Hydrodynamics with Lattice Gas Automata
in Two Dimensions.
Complex Systems, Vol. 1, pp 599-632,
reprinted in:
Lattice Gas Methods for Partial Differential Equations, SFI SISOC,
Eds Doolen et al., Addison-Wesley 1990.

Several correspondents indicated bugs in the code, among them are:

Ben Fry <>
Andreas Buness <>
John Lapeyre <>