Droplet and Bubble codes --- The SURFER project:


Orr-Sommerfeld stability code

This code is used to compute shear flow stability.


A comment on quadruple precision and this stability code may be found here

GetparC Parser library

This library is used in several of the packages below. To obtain the latest version you should use darcs.

Darcs may very easily be obtained on the web, at http://darcs.net . After installing

darcs on your system, cd to a directory where you store your sources, e.g. ~/Sources and type

% darcs get http://www.lmm.jussieu.fr/~zaleski/darcs/GetparC

then as further patches are released they may be obtained by doing

% cd ~/Sources/GetparC

% darcs pull http://www.lmm.jussieu.fr/~zaleski/darcs/GetparC


or download the latest tarball


Marker codes



VOF codes

2D VOF , Fortran Code

planar version surfer-V3.1.7.tar.bz2

Axisymmetric version: it may be obtained using darcs,

% darcs get http://www.lmm.jussieu.fr/~zaleski/darcs/Axi

or click from: Axi-0.1.tar.gz

MPI version: S2DMPI.tar.gz

Related graphics tool: TM2D_1.0.tgz

3D VOF , Fortran Code

Non-paralell version

% darcs get http://www.lmm.jussieu.fr/~zaleski/darcs/Surfer3D

MPI version:

using darcs

% darcs get http://www.lmm.jussieu.fr/~zaleski/darcs/SurferMPI

or click on link below:



Related graphics tool :

% darcs get http://www.lmm.jussieu.fr/~zaleski/darcs/zmerge

or zmerge-0.5.tar.gz


Please send comments to Stéphane Zaleski


The surfer discussion group on Yahoo (in french) !

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