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Paris, France

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Integrals of motion and the shape of the attractor for the Lorenz model

Hector Giacomini & Sebastien Neukirch

Physics Letters A 227 (1997) 309-318

Abstract : In this paper, we consider three-dimensional dynamical systems, as for example the Lorenz model. For these systems, we introduce a method for obtaining families of two-dimensional surfaces such that trajectories cross each surface of the family in the same direction. For obtaining these surfaces, we are guided by the integrals of motion that exist for particular values of the parameters of the system. Nonetheless families of surfaces are obtained for arbitrary values of these parameters. Only a bounded region of the phase space is not filled by these surfaces. The global attractor of the system must be contained in this region. In this way, we obtain information on the shape and location of the global attractor. These results are more restrictive than similar bounds that have been recently found by the method of Lyapunov functions.

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