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[March, 13th 2014]

New paper with Aurélie on elastocapillary snapping accepted in PRL!

Welcome !

I am an assistant professor at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, in Paris. You will find on this page some information regarding my research interests, teaching activities, etc...

Current Position

My research activities are currently focused on problems with strong interface deformation. These activities are conducted within the new d'Alembert Institute in the very heart of Paris.


During my postdoc, I was working on atomization related problems in the Fragmentation & Mixing Team at IRPHÉ, Marseille. More specifically, I investigated the key physical mechanisms responsible for liquid fragmentation, which is at the heart of several fundamental geophysical (e.g. formation of sprays at the crest of waves driving the ocean-atmosphere exchanges) or industrial (e.g. pulverization in combustion chambers) processes. This work was funded by a 2-years postdoc grant of the Fondation d'entreprise EADS.

PhD thesis

A long time ago, I've completed a PhD thesis on Vortex Dynamics entitled "Short-term Dynamics of an Isolated Vortex". This thesis deals with the identification of some physical mechanisms active in swirling flows, which are believed to play a role in their behaviours. For example, these mechanisms could be of fundamental importance in the vortex meandering phenomenon (erratic displacements) exhibited by airplane trailing vortices, and also encoutered in cyclonic paths (cycloidal track). Moreover these mechanisms can, even in the absence of linear instability, profoundly affect the structure of the vortex, in supporting the development of nonlinear waves, riding on the vortex core.


Here's my address at the lab:

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