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Articles de  Revues

"Hydrodynamic instabilities in open flows." (1998 )
P. Huerre and M.Rossi
Chapitre dans un  ouvrage
 in Hydrodynamics and Nonlinear Instabilities
 pp 81- 294
Editors Godreche C. , Manneville P.
(Cambridge University press)

Vortex Structure and Dynamics (2000)
Lecture Notes in Physics Maurel and P. Petitjeans (Eds.)
Springer Verlag
M. Rossi
 "Of Vortices and vortical layers: an overview."
 p. 40-123

Publications à comité de Lecture   depuis 1996

Comptes rendus de l'académie  (Accepté pour publication)  (2003)
Th Gomez et M.Rossi
"Instabilité d'une nappe de vorticité  étirée instationnaire."

Physics of Fluids   Volume 14,  Issue 8, pp. 2757-2766  (2002)
"A  merging criterion for two-dimensional co-rotating vortices. "
P.Meunier,  U.Ehrenstein, Th Leweke,   M.Rossi.

Physical  Review   E  65, 036134-1/036134-11 (2002).
Lorenzo Giada , A.Giacometti and M.Rossi
"A pseudo-spectral method for the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation."

JFM  454 , 419-442 (2002)
I. Delbende, M. Rossi, S. Le Dizès
"Stretching effects on the three-dimensional  stability of vortices with
axial flow."

Nuovo Cimento C   Vol. 25 C,  April (2002)
L. Battiston  and  M. Rossi
"Identification of a Coupled Dynamical System. "

Physical  Review  E  65, 031107-1/031107-10 (2002).
J-M Fullana  and M. Rossi
"Identification   Methods  for Nonlinear Stochastic systems."

Physical  Review  E  Vol 63,  046102-1/046102-12  (2001)
A.Giacometti and M.Rossi
"A pseudo-spectral approach to inverse problems in
interface dynamics."

International Journal of Chaos theory and Applications
vol. 5,   1,  pp 3-10  (2000)
L. Battiston  and  M. Rossi
"System Reconstruction in presence of Dynamical Noise."

Physical  Review  E  Vol 62, 2 pp 1716-1724  (2000)
A.Giacometti and M.Rossi
"Interface dynamics from experimental data."

Physics of Fluids   Volume 11,  Issue 7, pp. 1805-1820  (1999)
C. Olendraru, A. sellier,  M. Rossi and P.Huerre
"Inviscid instability of the Batchelor Vortex: absolute-convective
transition and spatial branches."

Physics of Fluids   Vol 11, Issue 11  pp 3416 -3425 (1999)
U. Ehrenstein and M. Rossi
"Equilibria of corotating nonuniform vortices."

PhysicaD 102,37-56 (1997)
J.M Fullana, P.Legal , M.Rossi, S.Zaleski
" Identification of parameters in amplitude equations describing coupled

Physical Review Letter   volume 78 page 2567-69  (1997)
M.Rossi, S. Le Dizès
"Three-dimensional temporal spectrum of stretched vortices"

 PhysicaD volume 103  564-573 (1997)
J.M.  Fullana,  M.Rossi, S.Zaleski
"Parameter Identification in Noisy Extended Systems:
 A Hydrodynamic Case."Proc.

Physics of Fluids  8(4)   1-16  april (1996)
U.Ehrenstein,  M.Rossi
" Nonlinear Tollmien-Schlichting Waves for a Blasius Flow over Compliant

Comptes rendus de l'académie  série II b, t 322 ,  401-408  (1996)
P.-Y. Lagrée, M. Rossi
"Etude de l'écoulement du sang dans les artères: effets nonlinéaires et

Physics of Fluids  8(8)   2084-2090 august (1996)
S. Le Dizès, M. Rossi,  H. K  Moffatt
"On the three-dimensional instability of elliptical vortex subjected to

Comptes rendus de l'académie   série II b, t 323 ,  153-159 (1996)
 C.Oleandraru, A.Sellier,  M.Rossi, P.Huerre.
" Absolute/convective instability of the Batchelor vortex"

Proceedings  à comité de Lecture

In "Tubes, sheets and singularities in Fluid Dynamics."
K.Bajer and K.H.Moffatt eds   Kluwer
I.Delbende M.Rossi and  S.Le Dizes  (to be published)
"Effect of stretching on vortices with axial flow: a three-dimensional
stability study." (2002)

Vortex Structure and Dynamics (2000)
Lecture Notes in Physics Maurel and P. Petitjeans (Eds.)  Springer Verlag
U. Ehrenstein et M. Rossi  p. 147-153
"Computation of equilibria between two co-rotating non-uniform vortices."

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